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When is the Best Time to Visit Mauritius?

Month-by-month information to help you decide when is the best time to visit Mauritius. This comprehensive guide includes weather and event information.

The Best Time to Visit Mauritius: An Introduction

The first step to planning the ultimate Mauritius holiday is knowing when the best time to visit is. We could just say ‘it is always the best time to visit Mauritius‘ and leave it there! The island’s sub-tropical climate means the weather is warm all year round. Coupled with glorious sunny blue skies it is difficult to find a time when it is not great to visit.

But we want to be a tad more helpful.

To help you work out when the best time to visit Mauritius is for you, we provide in this article an overview of the weather in Mauritius throughout the year, together with information about annual events.

Did you know that there are 15 public holidays in Mauritius?

With 15 public holidays a year, Mauritians have a lot to celebrate. And what is particularly notable is that the whole country recognises important religious festivals for Christians, Hindus, and Muslims. For example, Christmas Day, Diwali, and Eid Ul Fitr are all national holidays.

Family connections to Mauritius mean that we are lucky enough to visit this paradise island on a regular basis. We have been at the warmest, the wettest, and the coolest times of year (which are still hot!), so have first-hand experience of the climate.

Mauritius Weather: An Overview

Broadly speaking, Mauritius has two seasons. The hot, wet season from December to April and the cool, dry season from May to November.

Across the year the temperature variation is somewhat minimal. However, there is a significant fluctuation in the rainfall level which, in turn, has an impact on the humidity levels. As the graph below shows, there is a correlation between the temperature and rainfall: the higher the temperature, the greater the rainfall. The rain helps keep Mauritius lush and green, which is no bad thing!

Best Time To Go To Mauritius Monthly Temp & Rainfall Chart

So, when is the best time to visit Mauritius?

The answer depends on what you want from your holiday. Consequently, what may be best for one person could be off-putting for another. The month-by-month information below will help you decide when is the best time to visit Mauritius for you.

Month-by-Month Guide to the Best Time to Visit Mauritius



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

Temperatures are usually at their highest in January. However, it is one of the wettest months, making it a humid time to visit. Although the cyclone season officially runs from November to May, January to March is considered the most active time. Understandably, you may think that January is a terrible time to visit!

Notwithstanding any of this, we have been to Mauritius in January a number of times and it is our favourite time to visit. In fact, it is one of our top winter sun destinations. Whilst it does rain, it usually falls in short bursts rather than long spells. Moreover, whilst the downpours can be heavy, when the sun appears it dries out very quickly. And there is nothing better than swimming in the warm sea as it rains.

A moody sky with the sun shining down on an empty beach demonstrates why we find January one of the best times to visit Mauritius
Moody January sky

What’s On?

1 and 2 January are public holidays in Mauritius celebrating the new year.

In either January or February, depending on the full moon, the Hindu festival of Thaipoosam Cavadee is celebrated. Mauritius is the only country in Africa where Hinduism is the largest religion and, as you will see, a number of Hindu festivals are celebrated throughout the year with national holidays, including Thaipoosam Cavadee.

Hindu Temple in Mauritius

The festival is one of the most popular, symbolising devotion and piety. After 10 days of fasting and purifying observers will carry adorned bamboo arcs (the Cavadee, a metaphorical burden), either having their bodies pierced with spears (known as vels) or tying a scarf around their mouths to maintain a vow of silence, meditation, and devotion. Dressed in fuchsia and saffron clothes, the observers process to the temples where offerings are made to the deities.



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

February is the wettest month of the year and the most active month in the cyclone season. However, whilst there have been devastating cyclones in Mauritius’s history these are very rare. Although the island is vulnerable cyclones are not necessarily an annual event and can miss the island altogether. Or if they do hit they can be mild. Most hotels are prepared for cyclones, with suitable fortification and emergency power generators.

Lush green forests and mountains against a misty sky. Not necessarily the best time to visit Mauritius if you want sunshine all day everyday.
February mists over lush, green Mauritius

At the time of writing, we have been to Mauritius three times in February and have never encountered a cyclone. As with January, the humidity levels are high but bearable. Swimming in the Indian Ocean is like having a warm bath. As some travel companies advise against visiting in February it is a good time to make the most of lower prices. It may not be the best time to visit Mauritius if you want guaranteed sunny days everyday, but you will be able to find some good bargains.

White sand, blue sky, turquoise sea, a Mauritius beach in February. The changeable weather means that you can find some good bargains, which may make it the best time to visit Mauritius for you.
Also in February

What’s On?

Mauritius is the only country outside of Asia that celebrates Chinese New Year as a national holiday. This is observed in either January or February, depending on the lunar calendar. The streets in Chinatown in Port Louis are decorated with red lanterns and there are vibrant processions of dragon and lion dances. And, of course, fireworks light up the sky.

The other public holiday which falls in February is on 1 February, commemorating the abolition of slavery.



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

Although March is still in the cyclone season and considered a rainy month, the rainfall is decreasing. March is getting towards the more popular times to visit Mauritius as it is at the end of the peak cyclone period and humidity levels are decreasing. The Indian Ocean continues to be like swimming in a warm bath.

What’s On?

Maha Shivaratri is a public holiday observed in either February or March. This Hindu festival is dedicated to the god Shiva and hundreds of thousands of pilgrims dressed in white walk to the sacred lake of Ganga Talao in Grand Bassin. Legend has it that the crater lake was formed when Shiva spilt drops of water from the Ganges River in India. The statue of Shiva at Grand Bassin is the third tallest in the world (and the tallest outside of India), standing at 33 metres high.

The other Hindu festival observed in March is Holi. This celebration of joy and colour usually lasts for two days with music, dancing, and the giving of gifts. Following a cleansing bonfire on the first night, on the second day those taking part throw coloured water and powder at each other to create a riot of colour, wherever they happen to be!

On 12 March Mauritius celebrates its independence from Britain with a national holiday: National Day. Mauritius gained its independence in 1968 and the Mauritian flag is raised all over the island.

Mauritian Flag in Pamplemousse Botanical Garden, a symbol of Mauritius' independence. If you are interested in the history of Mauritius, March is one of the best times to visit.
Mauritian flag flying in Pamplemousse Botanical Gardens



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

April marks the last month of the humid season. Although the temperatures are similar to the preceding months the steadier weather makes April a good time to visit. April falls within the cyclone season but outside of the peak time.

What’s On?

The Mauritius Tour Beachcomber mountain bike event takes place in April, covering vast swathes of the island. This 4-day event started in 2016 and has gone from strength-to-strength with competitors entering from all over the world. The race is open to entrants aged 17 and over (although there is also a kids’ race) and takes place over 4 stages. A points-ranking system determines the overall winner in various age categories. This is a great event, whether you’re a competitor or a spectator.

Easter usually falls in April and with some clever planning you can maximise your annual leave to make the most of the settled weather.



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

By May the humidity starts to ease off as the rainfall levels drop but the air and water temperatures remain pleasantly warm. In addition, the cyclone season officially comes to an end in May. Consequently, for many May is the best time to visit Mauritius. The night time temperatures have also dropped yet it is still comfortable and pleasantly warm.

What’s On?

1 May is a public holiday in Mauritius when the country celebrates Labour Day, recognising the achievements of the workforce in securing better working conditions from the late 1930s. In modern times the day is still used by political and union rallies to push for further reforms.

The Royal Raid Trail Run takes place in the south-west of the island. Entrants can choose from three distances: 15km (open to those aged 15 plus), 35km, and 70km. Competitors will be able to enjoy absolutely fantastic scenery, particularly on the 35km and 70km trails. These trail runs go through a number of private estates, as well as the stunning Black River Gorges National Park.

Swimming in a freshwater lake in the Black River Gorges National Park. One of the best times to visit Mauritius because it is good hiking weather in the National Park.
Freshwater lake in Black River Gorges National Park



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

June is the first of the cooler months, although we are not talking cold here. For those who like to literally bake in the sun the lower temperatures may be off-putting. However, for others the more comfortable temperatures and the driest month of the year so far make June a great month to holiday in Mauritius. Although warm layers may be required in the evenings, the night time temperatures are pleasant for sleeping.

What’s On?

Eid Ul Fitr is usually celebrated in June by Mauritius’ Muslim population to mark the end of Ramadan. Although this is a Muslim festival, the whole country enjoys a day’s national holiday to mark the occasion. Many Muslim men attend prayers at the mosque (women are not allowed to enter the mosque). People dress in fine clothing to celebrate and children receive gifts of money. A feast is prepared which everyone gathers to enjoy. Typically, the main dish is biryani. This very tasty dish originated in India and contains rice, spices, vegetables, meat, and egg.

Huge cauldrons over fires to prepare biryani during Eid
The setup involved to prepare biryani for a Mauritian feast

Surfski Week takes place in June in the south-west of the country. To the uninitiated (like us), surf skiing looks very similar to kayaking. However, the boats are specially designed for the sport with a “sit-on-top” style cockpit rather than the enclosed kayak style. The main race of the week is the Investec Mauritian Open Classic and there are other races, along with coaching opportunities and lots of parties.



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

July is one of the coolest months of the year. However, the minimal rainfall and warm water temperatures, coupled with school holidays in the northern hemisphere, make it a popular time in Mauritius. Trade winds blow in in July making the south and east coasts particularly breezy.

What’s On?

The south-west of the island is a popular location for sporting events, one of which takes place in July: the Mauritius Marathon. As well as the 26-mile race there are also half-marathon and 10km events. For the main race there is a 6-hour cut-off time so you have to be reasonably good at running the distance to finish the course.

Continuing the running theme, the Dodo Trail races take place in July with distances ranging from the 4km fun run to the 50km Xtreme event.

Runners are likely to conclude that July is the best time to visit Mauritius!



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

The second month of trade winds and cooler temperatures. However, for many August is the best time to visit Mauritius by dint of the school holidays. Temperatures are still warm in sheltered areas and the rainfall is the lowest it has been so far in the year.

What’s On?

The Hydrofoil Pro Tour event takes place in August in the waters of Pointe d’Esny in the south-east of Mauritius. Watch the world’s best hydrofoil kite racers making the most of the trade winds, setting the ocean and sky ablaze.

White sand and blue sea with a yacht and mountains in the distance.
Pointe d’Esny Beach

Falling in either August or September is the Hindu festival Ganesh Chaturthi. This is a public holiday in Mauritius in celebration of the deity Ganesha, the god with the head of an elephant. The culmination of a 10-day festival, clay effigies of the god are carried through the streets accompanied by processions of people singing and dancing. They are immersed in the sea and rivers to symbolise Ganesha returning to his heavenly abode.



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

In September the temperatures start to rise and the July and August trade winds drop. Rainfall is at its lowest. The climate makes it a particularly good month for travelling with very young children, especially if you are not tied by the school holidays. Whilst the monsoon season hits other places, such as South East Asia, Mauritius avoids this in September.

What’s On?

Père Laval was a Catholic priest who arrived in Mauritius as a missionary in 1841. He is estimated to have converted 67,000 people to Catholicism in his 23 years in Mauritius. He is the patron saint of Mauritius and every year on 8 and 9 September people travel to his shrine in Ste Croix to pay their respects in commemoration of his death.

Mauritius’ most prestigious horse race, the Maiden Cup takes place at the Champ de Mars racecourse in Port Louis. Horse racing is the most popular sport in Mauritius and tens of thousands of spectators gather to watch this event, which first took place in 1843.

Mauritius is a popular destination for trail runners. In September the CIEL Ferney races take place in Ferney La Vallee, a stunning 2,800 hectare private wildlife sanctuary. The four race distances are 8km (a fun run), 10km, 20km, and 37km. There is also a 4km fun run for children aged 6 to 12 years old.



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

There is a strong case for arguing that October is the best month to visit Mauritius. The temperature is pleasantly warm and the rainfall throughout the month is low. Humidity levels are also very low. October is springtime in Mauritius and, whilst the country is not exactly recovering from a bleak winter, it nevertheless comes into bloom.

If you’re thinking of combining Mauritius with another destination for a multi centre holiday this is a great time of year to do it.

Verdant trees surrounding a lake in the Botanical Gardens illustrating why October is one of the best times to visit Mauritius to see the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens coming into bloom
Best time to visit Mauritius to see Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens coming into bloom

What’s On?

In either October or November a public holiday takes place for Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. The festivities actually take place over five days but Diwali itself celebrated on the third day. Diwali commemorates Rama rescuing his wife, Sita, from the demon Ravana and returning home after a long exile. Candles and fireworks are lit to symbolise the lighting of Rama and Sita’s path home after the battle and the triumph of good over evil.



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

Rainfall in November is still relatively low but the tropical summer and the cyclone season start. The temperatures are rising, as are the humidity levels. The weather can be somewhat inconsistent but Mauritius at this time of year is a contrast to the worsening weather in the northern hemisphere.

What’s On?

All Saints Day on 1 November is a public holiday in Mauritius; people of all faiths visit the graves of their loved ones to lay flowers.

The last public holiday of the year before Christmas is on 2 November: Anniversary of the Arrival of the Indentured Labourers. Mauritius became a British colonial possession in 1814 and slavery was abolished in Mauritius in 1833. However, the large sugar plantations still needed to be worked and the British authorities transported people from the Indian sub-continent for that purpose.

Indenture is the name for migrants who are legally obligated to work for their employer for a fixed number of years and the first indentured labourers arrived by ship on 2 November 1834, with over half a million arriving in total. These workers made a significant contribution to the progress and economic welfare of Mauritius. Their achievements is what is recognised by the public holiday. The official commemoration takes place at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Aapravasi Ghat, the original immigration depot on the bay of Trou Fanfaron in Port Louis.



Max day temp.Min night temp.Water temp.Rainfall

Tropical islands are popular in the winter months (Barbados is a good example of a sought after winter destination), and Mauritius is no different. December is a popular time to visit Mauritius, particularly around Christmas time. The humidity levels rise throughout December and, by Christmas and the New Year, the rainfall is the highest it has been since April. However, it falls in showers rather than deluges and the sun shines through for most of the day.

What’s On?

The grand finale of the horse racing calendar takes place over International Jockeys’ Weekend at the Champ de Mars racecourse. Also on the sports’ calendar in December is the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open. Mauritius is home to a number of golf courses and this professional golf championship currently takes place at the Four Seasons Anahita course. It is co-sanctioned by the European Tour, Sunshine Tour, and Asian Tour.

The Best Time to Visit Mauritius: Weather Summary

December to FebruaryThe height of the rainy season (also known as the Mauritian summer), although the rain tends to fall in short bursts rather than long deluges. Temperatures and humidity levels are at their highest.
March to MayRainfall decreases through March and April, with May marking the start of the dry season. Temperatures and humidity levels also decrease with May being noted for being a comfortably warm month. April is usually considered to be the start of high season.
June to AugustRainfall is significantly lower than at the start of the year. Temperatures reach their coolest level, settling in the low 20s throughout this period.
September to NovemberRainfall is at its lowest whilst temperatures start to rise again. A pleasantly warm time of year with low humidity levels. November is the last month of the dry period and the end of the high season.

Hopefully this article has led you to conclude the following two things. Firstly, the island is genuinely an all-year-round destination enjoying warm temperatures throughout the year. Therefore, the best time to visit Mauritius will depend on what you want from your holiday. Secondly, how many other countries have public holidays recognising important festivals in multiple religions? This demonstrates the understanding, tolerance, and respect people of different cultures have for each other. For us, this alone makes Mauritius a must-visit destination!

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