Mauritius Multi Centre Holidays: 8 Incredible Ideas

If you want to book the trip of a lifetime, look no further. We have put together a collection of 8 fantastic Mauritius multi centre holidays to help you plan a truly extra special holiday.

If you want to book the trip of a lifetime our eight fantastic Mauritius multi centre holidays will bust your bucket list! Whether you’re planning your honeymoon, celebrating a milestone birthday or a big anniversary, marking a major lifestyle change, or you just fancy doing something PHENOMENAL, this post will give you inspiration and help you plan a truly extra special holiday.

Why Do a Mauritius Multi Centre Holiday?

As tropical paradises go, it is hard to beat the island of Mauritius. How does swimming in the crystal clear water of the warm Indian Ocean before relaxing on powdery soft white sand beaches that stretch for miles sound? What about exploring the coral reef surrounding the island before sipping a cocktail under a palm tree gently swaying in the breeze? Or visiting the incredible natural features of the island such as, a dormant volcano, tumbling waterfalls, or a lush national park within the central mountainous region?

Turquoise sea and white sand beach with Le Morne mountain in the background

There are so many wonderful things to do in Mauritius that it’s the perfect holiday destination by itself. Combine time in Mauritius with another bucket list destination, however, and you really do have the ultimate holiday! Our eight Mauritius multi centre holidays are:

  1. Dubai and Mauritius,
  2. Kenya and Mauritius
  3. Madagascar and Mauritius
  4. Réunion Island and Mauritius
  5. Rodrigues and Mauritius
  6. Seychelles and Mauritius
  7. South Africa and Mauritius
  8. Tanzania and Mauritius

See what we mean about a trip of a lifetime?!

Why These Mauritius Multi Centre Holidays?


Thanks to its sub-tropical climate, Mauritius is warm all year round. It has two distinct seasons: the hot, wet season from December to April and the cooler, dry season from May to November. May to November is the peak time to visit because the months fall outside of the Mauritius cyclone season. Having said that ‘Mauritius cyclone season’ makes the weather sound much worse than it actually is! We have been to Mauritius several times in January and February and had the most wonderful holidays. In fact, Mauritius is one of our top winter sun destinations.

We have written a post about the best times to visit Mauritius and we highly recommend you read it before planning a trip. It will help you to find the best time to visit Mauritius for you.

Best Time To Go To Mauritius Monthly Temp & Rainfall Chart

The destinations we recommend combining with Mauritius in a multi centre holiday all have times of year when the best time to visit them coincides with a great time to visit Mauritius.

Flight Times

When it comes to using precious annual leave as effectively as possible we tend to take the view that the less time spent in airports and on a plane, the better. Therefore, the eight Mauritius multi centre holiday ideas have been chosen by us because there is a direct flight between the twinned destination and Mauritius. All of the flight connection times are under 7 hours.

So, without further ado, it’s time to introduce our incredible Mauritius multi centre holidays….

Mauritius Multi Centre Holiday Ideas

#1 DUBAI and Mauritius

There’s no denying that when it comes to trying to do everything bigger and better, Dubai is a world leader! A glittering city in the middle of the desert that’s growing all the time. Opulence abounds, whether its the world’s tallest tower; malls where you can experience life under the sea and ice skate, as well as shop ’til you drop; world class restaurants; beautiful beaches; or the vibrant and bustling souks, Dubai is an exciting and intoxicating destination. Did you know that you can even ski in Dubai?!

The contrast between Dubai and Mauritius makes them perfect companions for a multi centre holiday. The magnificence of the natural beauty of Mauritius contrasts and complements the splendour of the artificial structures of Dubai. Both Dubai and Mauritius have reputations for luxury holidays but, explore a little deeper, and their histories, cultures, and local life are fascinating.

Glass fronted buildings in Dubai looking over the Dubai Fountains from the Dubai Mall, an iconic destination making Dubai and Mauritius a unique Mauritius multi centre holiday choice.

When to go to Dubai and Mauritius?

Whilst Dubai and Mauritius are both hot all year round, temperatures in Dubai soar in the summer months. From May to October temperatures are in the very high 30s and low 40s (°C) making being outside almost unbearable. Consequently, you may want to avoid a holiday in Dubai during this time. Although, having said that, we did a Dubai and Mauritius multi centre holiday in August/September with a 7 month old baby and had a wonderful time!

Whilst there are more than enough indoor air-conditioned summer activities in Dubai, if you want to experience Dubai in more comfortable temperatures November to March is the better time to visit. Combine the best time to visit Dubai with the best time to visit Mauritius and November comes out as a great month for a twin centre holiday. Temperatures are in the late 20s/early 30s (°C) in both destinations and rainfall is at a minimum.

Flight Length6h 40m
Time Difference0h
Trip Length Recommendation3 nights min. in Dubai
7 nights min. in Mauritius

#2 KENYA and Mauritius

Going on safari is at the top of many people’s bucket list, us included! Combining an epic safari adventure with an exotic Indian Ocean paradise makes a Kenya and Mauritius multi centre holiday an incredibly special trip of a lifetime!

The most well-known safari area in Kenya is the majestic Maasai Mara National Reserve. The Big Five can all be spotted in the Maasai Mara (lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, rhinoceros, and leopard), and, of course, a dazzling array of other wildlife. Over 500 species of bird, giraffes, hippos, gazelles, and zebras call the Mara their home. A rare spotted zebra has even been observed in the Maasai Mara. From July to October you can witness the dramatic Great Migration, when around 2.5 million wildebeest and zebra are forced to cross the Mara River, travelling between the Maasai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti in search of food.

The flight between Kenya and Mauritius is via Nairobi, which is perfect for a safari adventure. As well as the Maasai Mara, other Kenyan safari destinations include, Amboseli National Park (famous for its big game animals and magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro); Samburu National Reserve (less well known but teeming with wildlife, including big game animals); and Nairobi National Park (a protected area close to the capital with one of Kenya’s most successful rhino sanctuaries).

With its own Indian Ocean coastline and gorgeous locations, such as Diani, Kenya is a beach destination in its own right. However, unless you have more than 2 weeks to travel we recommend you wait until Mauritius to relax on the beach. This is because Mombasa airport is much closer to the Kenyan coast than Nairobi airport and you’d need to fly between the two to visit the coast. Additional flights will eat into your precious vacation time.

Giraffe stretching up to eat foliage from a tree in Kenya - one of the best Mauritius multi centre holidays

When to go to Kenya and Mauritius

The driest time to visit Kenya is from July to September. This coincides with peak game viewing season and the Great Migration. With temperatures in the late 20s and early 30s (°C), this time of year is the most popular to visit Kenya, with good reason. January and February are also good months for game viewing, although it is wetter.

To combine a good time to visit both Kenya and Mauritius, we recommend booking your twin centre holiday for September. Peak wildlife viewing combined with warm weather and low humidity levels makes September the ideal time for a Kenya and Mauritius multi centre holiday.

Flight Length4h 15m
Time Difference1h
Trip Length Recommendation7 nights min. in Kenya
7 nights min. in Mauritius

#3 MADAGASCAR and Mauritius

Madagascar can justifiably claim to be like nowhere else on the planet! Its wildlife is so unique that there is a vast array of species that can only be found on the island. Although still under the radar when it comes to mass tourism, Madagascar is evolving into a ‘must visit’ destination for those looking for somewhere off the beaten track. This remote, unspoiled, spectacular island is in the Indian Ocean off the south-east coast of Africa.

Madagascar is perhaps most famous for its lemurs. Did you know that these unbelievably cute animals are an endangered species and Madagascar is the only place in the world where they can be found in the wild? Geologists believe Madagascar separated from mainland Africa around 180 million years ago, and this accounts for its biodiversity: approximately 90% of its plants and animal species are endemic to Madagascar.

Madagascar is difficult to get to as there are not many places you can fly into it from. However, it’s easy to fly to Madagascar from Mauritius. With a flight time between both destinations of under two hours, as Mauritius multi centre holidays go it’s tough to beat this combination for the ultimate in adventurous exploration and relaxation.

Women walking on the beach in Madagascar with baskets on their heads. Madagascar is an intoxicating country to combine with Mauritius for a multi centre holiday

When to go to Madagascar and Mauritius

The weather in Madagascar from September to November is warm and dry. From July to September it is possible to spot humpback whales in the waters of Ile Saine-Marie (now known as Nosy Boraha) and the lemurs start giving birth to young. September is also a good month to visit Mauritius as the temperatures are starting to increase but rainfall level is at its lowest.

Flight Length1h 55m
Time Difference1h
Trip Length Recommendation9 nights min. in Madagascar
5 nights min. in Mauritius

#4 RÉUNION ISLAND and Mauritius

Until wreckage from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was found on its shores in 2015, very few people outside of France had heard of Réunion Island.

Réunion is located between Madagascar and Mauritius and is a French overseas territory (the Head of State is the French President and its currency is the Euro). Réunion Island and Mauritius have many similarities: they both have beautiful white sand beaches, a lush green mountainous interior, a tropical climate, and a Creole heritage. However, Réunion is much more rugged than Mauritius. As well as being home to the Indian Ocean’s highest peak, it also has an active volcano. Piton de la Fournaise is one of the world’s most active volcanos and, on average, has erupted twice a year for the last 20 years. Notwithstanding this, hiking the volcano is one of the most popular tourist activities on the island.

Réunion has a remarkable infrastructure and it is easy to travel around the island. It’s capital, Saint-Denis, is the largest French city outside of mainland France. Hell-Bourg, in the caldera of a volcano, has been ranked as one of the most beautiful villages in France by Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (the only village in the list that’s not in mainland France). In fact, 40% of the island is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Réunion also has incredible hiking and enough adventure activities to thrill any adrenaline junkie. But watch out for the sharks. The number of shark attacks in the waters of Réunion is remarkably high and swimming in unprotected waters is banned.

The flight connection time between Réunion and Mauritius is the shortest of all of our Mauritius multi centre holidays. Combine Réunion Island and Mauritius as a multi centre holiday and you’ll spend time on two stunningly beautiful Indian Ocean islands, each with their own distinct personality.

Mountains of Reunion Island, perfect for combining with Mauritius in a multi centre holiday

When to go to Réunion Island and Mauritius

For many of our Mauritius multi centre holidays there are good times to go and great times to go. The proximity of Réunion Island and Mauritius means that they have similar climates. However, Réunion tends to have higher risk of being hit by cyclones than Mauritius. For that reason, we recommend avoiding the cyclone season (the summer season) and timing your visit for the drier season (the winter season) in the months of May to October.

Réunion is a popular destination for the French and July and August are peak season as these months coincide with the French school holidays. Prices tend to be much higher at this time of year as a result. Temperatures in both Reunion and Mauritius are very pleasant in September to October and rainfall levels are still low, making it a good time to go.

Flight Length55m
Time Difference0h
Trip Length Recommendation5 nights min. Réunion
7 nights min. Mauritius

#5 RODRIGUES and Mauritius

Hands up if you’ve heard of the island of Rodrigues…

…Forgive us for assuming that not many hands have gone up and that you need an introduction to Rodrigues.

Rodrigues is a small island in the Indian Ocean, 650 km north-east of Mauritius. Until 1968 it belonged to Britain (as did Mauritius) but it is now a Mauritian dependency and the only way to get there is via Mauritius or Réunion. Whilst the development of Mauritius has connections to sugar cane and, nowadays, tourism, Rodrigues is the opposite. Mauritius has lots of glitzy 5-star resorts and has a strong reputation as a luxury honeymoon destination. Rodrigues, on the other hand, is much more laid back and definitely on the road less-travelled.

In some ways Mauritius and Rodrigues are two sides of the same coin, but in other ways they are very different. In our view, this makes Rodrigues perfect to combine with Mauritius in a multi centre holiday.

Visit Rodrigues to really get away from it all. Explore untouched beaches that are beautiful in their isolation; explore the coral reefs of Rodrigues’ pristine turquoise lagoon, kayaking, snorkelling, and diving to your heart’s content; and explore the island’s nature and wildlife on hiking trails with gorgeous views of the ocean. There are so many wonderful things to do in Rodrigues.

Sunset over the ocean viewed from behind leaves - Rodrigues is an excellent combination for a Mauritius multi centre holiday

When to go to Rodrigues and Mauritius

The weather in Rodrigues is very similar to Mauritius, which makes planning a trip pretty easy. From December to April the weather is hot but rainfall is high – this is the summer. From May to November the weather is cooler but drier – this is the winter. The hotter weather attracts more people and therefore tends to bring higher prices. Months like March, April and October have warm temperatures and lower rainfall.

Flight Length1h 30m
Time Difference0h
Trip Length Recommendation5 nights min. Rodrigues
7 nights min. Mauritius

#6 SEYCHELLES and Mauritius

If there’s a place that can give Mauritius a run for its money for the title of ‘tropical island dream’ it’s the Seychelles. It is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean and, like Mauritius, is considered to be a luxury destination. But whilst the Seychelles is known for its gorgeous 5-star decadent resorts, there are also more budget friendly guesthouses, self-catering apartments, and B&B accommodation options to choose from.

The exquisite powder soft white sand beaches and startlingly bright turquoise waters are the quintessential ‘pinch me, I’m dreaming’ tropical island paradises on earth. But if you want more than beach relaxation add in wildlife straight out of the Garden of Eden, delicious Creole cuisine, granite mountains, lush jungles, snorkelling and diving in a coral reef, hiking and sailing!

Many people considering an exotic Indian Ocean break make a choice between a holiday in Mauritius and a holiday in the Seychelles. But we’re talking about planning a trip of a lifetime here! Why settle for one blissful Indian Ocean island escape when you can have two? Combine the Seychelles and Mauritius for the ultimate multi centre holiday beach escape.

White sand beach and turquoise water in the Seychelles - an incredible destination to combine with Mauritius for a Mauritius multi centre holiday

When to go to the Seychelles and Mauritius

Much like Mauritius, the Seychelles enjoys a tropical climate with warm weather all year round. And like Mauritius, the driest months in the Seychelles are from June to August and the wettest months are from November to March.

There is a northwest trade wind from November to March and a southeast wind from May to September. This means that the weather is more pleasant on the side of the island opposite to the trade winds. April and October are the months when there are no trade winds. April is the end of the monsoon season in Mauritius and October is also very pleasant month to visit.

Flight Length2h 35m
Time Difference0h
Trip Length Recommendation7 days min. Seychelles
7 days min. Mauritius

#7 SOUTH AFRICA and Mauritius

How does one describe a South Africa travel experience and really capture the essence of the place? With so many incredible things to do, a holiday to South Africa is a bucket list ticking trip by itself. Combine it with Mauritius in a twin centre holiday, however, and you have one of the most epic multi country holidays imaginable!

Cosmopolitan Cape Town is a must for any South Africa itinerary. Scale Table Mountain, visit Robben Island to see where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, tour the world-renowned wine regions, see the penguins at Boulders Beach and soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant and fascinating city.

Marvel at the wonders of the natural world in South Africa’s National Parks. Kruger National Park is one of the largest parks in Africa and going on safari and spotting the Big Five is an awesome dream come true. But whilst Kruger may be the most famous, there are many other national parks to explore. And for something a bit different, why not explore the astoundingly beautiful coastline of the Garden Route National Park?

We could go and on about the incredible things to do in South Africa but there is one more that we must mention here, seeing as we’re talking about phenomenal multi country holidays. For the ultimate in luxury experiences why not ride the Blue Train between Cape Town and Pretoria? From a personal butler, to luxury suites with under floor heating and marble bathrooms, this is decadence on another scale!

If you think a journey on the Blue Train sounds like South Africa’s answer to the Orient Express, you’re not the only one. Agatha Christie’s inimitable Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot famously solves a murder mystery on board the luxury train in Murder on the Orient Express. But did you know that he also does the same thing in The Mystery of the Blue Train?

Table Mountain across the coast in Cape Town, South Africa - an incredible destination to combine with Mauritius for a Mauritius multi centre holiday

When to go to South Africa and Mauritius

Mauritius and South Africa share similar seasons. The warmer summer months are from November to February and the cooler winter months are from May to September. Between June and November is the best time for whale watching off the coast of South Africa.

September and October may be the best months to visit South Africa and Mauritius. The temperatures are getting warmer but both are still experiencing dry weather. In South Africa, they’re great months to combine regions. You can see stunning wild flowers in bloom, frolicking newborn animals in the reserves, and watch whales off the coast that have migrated from Antartica to have their young.

Flight LengthCape Town: 6h 5m
Durban: 4h 20m
Johannesburg: 4h 35m
Time Difference2h
Trip Length Recommendation9 days min. South Africa
5 days min. Mauritius

#8 TANZANIA and Mauritius

As Mauritius multi centre holidays go, combining the Indian Ocean island with Tanzania definitely falls into the category of ‘trip of a lifetime’.

Tanzania is one of the world’s greatest countries for outdoor adventures. Whether its climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest free-standing mountain in the world), observing the awesome beauty of nature in the conservation areas and reserves, or absorbing the colourful heritage and relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania is an intoxicating and spellbinding country.

Like Kenya, the wildlife experiences in Tanzania make for an excellent combination with Mauritius in a twin centre holiday. The Serengeti National Park is Tanzania’s best-known safari area. As well as spotting the Big Five, it is possible to observe the astounding natural spectacle that is the Great Migration. Watch two million wildebeest and zebras cross the Mara River from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara, and back again.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is something that features on many people’s bucket lists. Standing at 5,895-metres (19,341 ft) high, it is definitely not an easy physical challenge. It is a popular feat, however, because it doesn’t require technical skill and is achievable so long as you have a moderate level of fitness and can deal with altitude acclimatisation.

Peak of Kilimanjaro through green trees in Tanzania - an incredible destination to combine with Mauritius for a Mauritius multi centre holiday

When to go to Tanzania and Mauritius

July to October is peak season in Tanzania. The Great Migration is in the Serengeti from July to September and it’s an excellent time to witness the herds on the banks of the Mara River. August to September is also one of the best times to climb Kilimanjaro as it’s drier and the temperatures are warmer than at other times of the year (January-February is also a good time for the same reason).

July-August coincide with school holidays so if you’re travelling with children it’s a great time to do this Mauritius multi centre holiday. The weather in Mauritius is pleasant and humidity is at its lowest. If you want to take advantage of good rates in both Tanzania and Mauritius then you may wish to consider January to March. Temperatures and humidity are higher but there are fewer people and great wildlife spotting opportunities.

Flight Length3h 30m
Time Difference1h
Trip Length Recommendation8 days min. in Tanzania
6 days min. in Mauritius

Planning a Mauritius Multi Centre Holiday

Independent planning of a multi centre holiday can take time, but it’s a lot of fun to do. We throughly enjoy the planning that goes into such a holiday, although there a number of factors you need to consider to ensure the trip is a success. To help you plan your own trip you must read our blog post ‘Top Tips For Planning a Multi Country Itinerary‘.

If, like us, you work full-time, you’ll want to make the most of your annual leave to give you as much travel time as possible for your Mauritius multi centre holiday. For ideas on how to make your leave go further read our blog post about maximising your annual leave.

When you’re planning a trip of a lifetime staying somewhere outstanding is a must; the sort of place that blows you away. When you have high expectations, finding somewhere that doesn’t disappoint can be tricky. Moreover, spending a lot of money doesn’t guarantee the perfect place. We we were lucky enough to find somewhere that we loved in Mauritius: the Maritim Resort & Spa. To learn more about this hotel read our blog post ‘Fantastic Accommodation Experiences‘.

If you’ve been on a Mauritius multi centre holiday, or any other trip of a lifetime, tell us about it in the comments box below. We’d love to know about your favourite travel experiences.

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