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About Us


We are Sarah and Kevin and we work full-time. Yes, that is a bit of a strange detail to introduce ourselves with but it is an important detail. Why is that, we hear you ask. Well, there are much more interesting things we could have said but the fact we work full-time is what gave us the idea for this travel blog. All the travelling we have done has been fitted into our holiday leave entitlement. The same applies to the travelling we will do in the future. Nevertheless, we think we are doing a good job of exploring and experiencing the world. The purpose of Use That Leave is to inspire people like us: people who dream about being able to travel the world endlessly, but in reality have to fit travel and holidays into all of life’s other commitments.

Read on to get to know this travel blog better. And if you want to be pleasantly surprised as you read, click on the images to take you to a connected post.

Why ‘Use That Leave‘?

View of the metropolis from the Parque Natural Metropolitano

We have loved travelling and exploring the world for as long as we can remember but we have been in full-time employment for longer than we care to remember.  The more we travel, the stronger our enthusiasm for seeing the world becomes.  However, as our employers are not too keen on us leaving our jobs for months on end our ability to travel is subject to our holiday leave restrictions.  Therefore, the only way we can explore the world is if we use that leave in the best possible way.

View of swimming pool across harbour, Rovinj

When we looked back on all the places that we have visited so far during our working lives we were amazed at how much we have seen and done and we decided that we wanted to share the knowledge and experience that we have built up with you.  We want to show you that with some planning and research it is possible to explore the world, no matter how limited the time is that you have.  Hence Use That Leave!

What will I find on Use That Leave?

Beach on the West Coast of Barbados

No matter whether you have two weeks or two days in which to travel you will find inspiration. Based on our own experiences are posts on itineraries, recommendations, travel stories, and much more.  All the posts are focused on trips of varying lengths but nothing more than four weeks long, because who can take more time than that out of normal life?

Sunlit view across Lake Bohinj

You know that you can trust what we say because we don’t write about anything we haven’t experienced for ourselves.  We have been there and done that, and occasionally we have bought the t-shirt!  There is nothing worse than thinking you can rely on information only to find the person imparting it has no idea what they’re talking about.  One of our bugbears is reading suggested itineraries which are wholly unrealistic.  They have you visiting lots of fantastic places but in a timeframe that is only do-able with a time machine.  You can be reassured that the itineraries we suggest are all possible because we have done them.  And none of them have involved a DeLorean or the TARDIS! 

Planning a multi-country itinerary with guide books, computer, and notepad

Use That Leave is not, however, intended to be a comprehensive guide to every destination.  Whilst we’d love to visit every sight, restaurant, and bar in the places we travel to we’d need to be travelling full time and working with a team of people for that!  In any event, if you want to find out what the driving laws are in Vietnam or what the electricity voltage is in South Korea the information is already available in numerous other places.  Instead, we tell you about what we have done to inspire you and give you a starting point to build your own trip from.

How is Use That Leave different from other travel blogs?

Mauritian mountains in background, ocean in foreground

In our opinion, a great travel blog is full of inspiration.  The best are also honest, fun to read, mines of useful information, and guilty of causing you to drift off into a travel daydream!  We hope that Use That Leave has many things in common with the best travel blogs.  However, Use That Leave is different from some of the other travel blogs out there because it is not about us.  You may be thinking that that is a strange thing to say on an ‘about us’ page but we will explain.

Falling in love with skiing at Nozawa Onsen - view from a slope

Whilst everything you will find on our blog is drawn from our own travel and holiday experiences, the focus is not on us and our lives.  It is personal in the sense that we have first-hand knowledge of everything we are talking about.  However, Use That Leave is about you and your next trip. We hope that what we write about gives you the inspiration and information you need to fit exploring the world into your day-to-day life.  And to be honest, our lives are not glamorous or interesting enough to make us the focus of this blog!  

Are your trips family friendly?

Looking towards the white sand of Lantic Bay

Although our blog isn’t focused on family travel as such, nowadays there’s a ‘Junior Use That Leave-er’ (what? It’s a thing!) helping us to see the world from a new perspective. On the trips that we do as a family of three (as opposed to a family of two) we will use a ‘Family Friendly’ tag and include a little bit about travelling with a child(ren). That’s not to say that the posts without this tag are not family friendly. It’s just that as we haven’t done them with a child ourselves we can’t be genuine about it. And as we said above, we only write about things we have first-hand knowledge of.

Where should I start?

As William Shakespeare said, the world is your oyster! Our favourite way to make the most of our leave is to visit multiple countries in one trip. We love creating multi-destination itineraries and if you like the same, or want to know more, we recommend reading Top Tips for Planning a Multi-Country Itinerary’. Or perhaps you’re planning a ski trip and want some destination inspiration. In which case, we recommend reading ‘9 Ski Resorts to Make You Fall in Love with Skiing’.

The blog posts about destinations and trips are categorised by continent and can be found in the ‘Destinations’ section. Posts on topics such as planning and more general holiday ideas are found in the ‘Features’ section. From the Home page navigate around the site using the picture links to the continent categories or access our most recent posts directly. Wherever you are on the site you can:

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How can I get even more from Use That Leave?

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